First Aid for Accidents

Your Complete Guide to Dog Care and Dog Training.

Dog First Aid for Accidents

Serious Bleeding
Minor Cuts and Wounds
Car and Truck Accidents
Transporting the Injured Dog
Breath Stoppage
Electric Shock and Lightning
Bums and Scalds

Encounter with a Skunk
Porcupine Quills
Bee, Hornet and Wasp Stings
Altack byaCat
Heat Exhaustion
First Aid Kit

First aid is the immediate and temporary help you can give your dog in case of an accident. Do what you can to save the dog’s life, then get him to a veterinarian. Don’t try to do more than you know.

There are some minor wounds, injuries and accidents in which you may be able to do all. that is necessary. But if you are in doubt as to their severity—and we’ll repeat a previous warning—let the veterinarian take over.

In rendering first aid, keep cool, work quickly and quietly, reassure the dog and use restraint when necessary. Remember that injured dogs are in pain and have great fear. They will often snap or bite in their pain or fear. When possible, apply an emergency muzzle before handling the dog.

Your Complete Guide to Dog Care and Dog Training.