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Suburbia (called “disturbia” by its critics) is a land of gracious living. Thousands of ranch and split-level houses are set on quarter- and half-acre plots. Communities have materialized in an astonishingly short time on former pasture land or farm wasteland. People who once lived in cramped city apartments now live in style. They own a car, a patio and maybe a plastic swimming pool. And they keep dogs.

The suburbs seem a likely place to keep a dog. There is more space and the dog has more opportunity to get outdoors and run off his excess energy. True. The suburban dog does have more space and freedom than his city cousin. Some suburban dogs have too much freedom.

Unfortunately, many suburban dog owners mistake the suburbs for the open country. Quarter- and half-acre plots are not farms. Unless the plot has a fence around its perimeter, the suburban dog strays over the boundary lines and gets into mischief. This is the major problem among suburban dog owners. If a neighbor happens to be a gardener who loves his hobby with a purple passion, the dog owner can expect some hostile sessions when his dog decides to dig or sleep in the neighbor’s flower bed.

Your Complete Guide to Dog Care and Dog Training.